We are embarking on a
The LG NOVA Global Challenge is Now Closed

We’re calling on all innovators and entrepreneurs to submit their ideas, technology, and solutions to this competition.

LG is looking for new technologies, concepts and business ideas that will push the envelope of a technologically advanced lifestyle for the good of people, communities and the planet.

The deadline was Oct 27, 2021, 11:59 p.m. PDT. The deadline for part 2 is November 1, 2021, 11:59 p.m PDT.

The contest is now closed and will reopen fall 2022
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Innovation Virtual Event Series
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Our Goal

Let's work together to make the future bright!

LG is innovating for a better life. Join us in shaping the future. Our focus is on solutions that will have a positive impact on the quality of life. This includes:

Net-zero carbon impact and renewable energy
Improvements for all communities and lifestyles
Eco-friendly products for future generations
Positive societal impact
Why should you enter this competition?

The Opportunities

Selected companies will have the opportunity to enter a 6 to 9-month program to build their business with LG. In the program, companies have the opportunity to go through a co-collaboration process with LG for evaluation, testing, piloting, which will lead to 10 companies selected as the finalists. In the process:

The First 50

Up to 50 companies have access to resources to help grow their business, which may include access to basic business infrastructure support, networking opportunities with global tech leaders, mentorship, etc.

The Selected 20

The companies selected in the second stage, up to 20, will work directly with LG to unlock opportunities for their business with resources from LG's global parent and affiliate organizations, which may include potential capital investments from LG or its partners.

The Top 10

The finalists of the competition, up to 10 companies, will get the opportunity to build their business in collaboration with LG. As the finalists, these participants will have the opportunity to be on an accelerated path to success supported by LG as they continue to move forward with the jointly developed business.

All will be joining the LG NOVA Universe, where we hope to grow a community of entrepreneurs and start-ups that are working to create a better future for us all. The NOVA Universe is your window to other opportunities.

Join us Nov 15-19, 2021 for our inaugural Mission Launch Innovation Virtual Event Series